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Our List Of Brokers Dealing In US Securities For The EU, UK, And Other Countries

Some of these do not actually trade on United States Options Exchanges (which you need access to in order to properly use our strategies) and are so noted.

Carefully check the securities and options exchanges that each broker participates in.

Many brokers that trade on USA Options exchanges also trade on US futures and commodities exchanges.

Also review pricing and costs: there may be additional fees for USA market data.



Germany home office.
An Interactive Brokers introducing broker.



Offices in Netherlands, UK, EU
Not able to short American securities, which implies no short American traded options.



Germany home office.
Does not trade on United States Option Exchanges


Lynx Broker

Netherlands home office.
An Interactive Brokers introducing broker.


Interactive Brokers

Allows many countries worldwide, see link:
There may be additional fees for market data, depending on your account, and whether you use an introducing broker.
Interactive Brokers relies upon numerous independent “introducing brokers” in many countries (like Banxbroker and Lynx).
The customer of the introducing broker typically uses the Interactive Brokers platform, Traders Work Station (TWS), via the introducing broker, or the broker sets up a client-account-facing front end that makes use of the Interactive Brokers infrastructure and trading system.



Canada home office. 

Fees for market data partially offset based on commissions paid.

We’ve seen reports of user unable to withdraw funds, so we advise caution with this broker platform.


Swiss Quote

Switzerland home office.
Does not trade on United States Option Exchanges



Tom Sosnof, head of TastyWorks, has reported that TastyWorks hopes to be operating in Canada during Summer 2020, after regulatory approval is granted.


Think or Swim / TDAmeritrade

USA home office.
A definitive list of offices and countries is not visible.
This company has agreed to merge with Schwab Brokerage, with anticipated merger completion, sometime in 2020, after regulatory approvals are made.
Toronto Dominion Bank, prior to the merger holds above 40% of the equity in TDAmeritrade.
They seem to require USA tax ID registration, limiting their use for non-US citizens.
They do have offices in the Netherlands and United Kingdom, and a very few other countries.


Trade Republic

Germany home office
Does not trade on United States Option Exchanges


TradeStation Brokers

USA home office.
List of countries of operation not disclosed on a web page,
but if you start the application process you can see if a particular country is served.
The list is about 100 countries on the application.


References & Resources For Selecting International Brokers

Broker Chooser

Canadian Brokers
Reviewed by the StockBrokers website, for example.


German Brokers

As a German citizen, you would probably want to consider FlatexLynxDeGiro, BanxBrokerInteractiveBrokers, or TastyWorks
Please note: Lynx is an InternactiveBrokers reseller with higher commissions. If you don’t mind handling everything in English and don’t need German customer support go to Interactive Brokers — Although for option selling Tastyworks is even cheaper and accessible to German clients.
Because of that, you’re probably best off using InteractiveBrokers, or TastyWorks, but look around to see which brokers best fit you.

All trading strategies are used at your own risk

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